Working Time: From Monday to Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Call for paper

ICAEST 2018 is dedicated to cutting edge research that addresses scientific needs of academic researchers and industrial professionals to explore new horizons of knowledge related to Advanced Energy Systems and Technologies. ICAEST 2018 is scheduled to include high-quality paper presentation sessions revealing the latest research findings, and to engage participants in interesting discussion sessions. We seek novel paper submissions to be presented or posted (as a poster paper) in ICAEST 2018 with topics broadly including, but not limited to :

1 ,

Modern Energy Systems and Power Electronics

  • Smart Grids and applications
  • Energy and Power System Control;
  • Energy Storage System in the advanced power grids;
  • Smart Energy Storage System
  •  Electric vehicles (Technology and Integration)
  • Intelligent and Predictive Control in Power Electronics;
  • Transformers;
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control of Power Electronics;
  • Bi-directional Power Converters;
  • VAR Compensators;
  • Power System Protection;
  • Power System Quality and Reliability;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Systems;
  • HVDC;
  • DC Power Systems.

2 ,

Renewable Energy Systems and Distributed Generation

  • Renewable Energy Systems;
  • Hybrid Power Systems;
  • Intelligent Control for Renewable Energy Systems;
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Power Electronics in Distributed Generation.

3 ,

Intelligent and Adaptive Systems in Smart Grid

  • Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing (e.g., Evolutionary/Genetic - Algorithms, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic) in Complex Energy Systems;
  • Advanced Control and Optimization Algorithm, Predictive and Forecasting Control, Adaptive and Robust Control for Smart Grid;
  • Decision Support Systems for Energy Systems;
  • Smart Spaces, Ontology and Context-aware Systems in Smart Grid;
  • Semantic Web Technologies for a Smart Grid;
  • Agent-based Simulation of Grid Environments and Markets, Advanced Simulation Methods for Smart Grid Development;
  • Intelligent Grid Participants (e.g., DER, Intelligent Buildings, Storages, Charging Devices); 
  • Integration of (Distributed) Stochastic Energy Generation;
  • Recent Developments in SCADA and Distributed Control Technology (e.g., Holonic Concepts, Multi-agent Systems, Service-oriented Architectures);
  • Integration of Intelligent DER Devices, Storages and Intelligent Loads into Smart Grids;
  • Cyber-security Issues in Intelligent Energy Systems;
  • Advanced Communication Systems and Approaches for Energy Systems;
  • Topic Related to E-vehicles (from a Grid Point of View);
  • Algorithms for Automatic Market Participatio

4 ,

Power System Management

    • Power system management technologies
    • Integrated substation automation technologies
    • Power system monitoring and mitigation technologies
    • Online monitoring and fault diagnosis system
    • Control strategies for modern power system stability
    • Modeling and simulation of large power systems
    • Application of wide area measurement system (WAMS)
    • Power system analysis and optimization
    • Load modeling, estimation and forecast
    • Power system planning and operation